Profound loamy and alluvial soil with varied vegetation on it bears full-bodied, meaty and aromatic wines. Special grapes are Rivaner, Dornfelder and Merlot.

  "Klosterberg" (monastery hill):

Here lies the origin of the Kirchengut, and here you can find the oldest vines, some up to the age of 100 years. The vineyard is situated directly at the foot of the monastery ruin. The grey, hard slate offers a special land and atmosphere, which is especially suitable for dry white wines such as Riesling Classic, Riesling Hochgewächs and Spätburgunder.


"Wolfer Goldgrube" (Goldmine):

This is the best vineyard of the Kirchengut, and it is also one of the best vineyards of the “Mittelmosel” region itself. On an 8 ha area old Riesling vines are cultivated in south west position on red slate. This area hasn’t been affected by the procedure of land consolidation yet, so there is still a very special microclimate, in which soft, juicy and fruity wines grow.