The ECOVIN association has offered transparency in winegrowing and wine production for 16 years. This sign gives guarantee for tested, certificated and controlled quality, based on the EU prescription for ecological cultivation and on the rules of ECOVIN and the official wine inspection. This means that the members of this association committed themselves to meeting the strict ecological norms. In practice they regard the vineyard as a complete ecological system, in which the variety of flora and fauna as well as the fertility of the ground must be protected with appropriate cultivating activities. The ecological winegrower works completely without artificial fertilizers. Instead he uses only natural resources. He treats the ground, vine and grape with care by doing many steps manually.

An ecologically cultivated ECOVIN-vineyard produces less but better and more digestible wine. In the wines from the “Kirchengut Wolf” you will find only the best from the soil, in color and in bouquet.